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Why use 3D Showcase?

In real life, we experience things spatially. Our brains are constantly calculating distances, sizes, and volumes to understand the world around us3D Showcase give users more than visuals – they provide the feeling of being in a physical location. We have all seen the 360 degree Photography on the generic sideshow of still images. The industry is changing and your competitors know about this. Stay connected with your visitors with the new 3D Showcase virtual tour. ​

3D Showcase is the only way to give your audience a true sense of presence – the feeling of being in a place. That’s why our showcase are the most immersive way to experience a physical location online. Better than Real Estate Photography and 360 Virtual Tours.

How long does the process take?

For a space of up to 2500 Sq ft the scanning process takes between 1.5hrs – 2hrs as long as the space is ready and empty of moving objects such as pets and people, after that the processing and editing of the model typically takes 24hrs.

What can I expect during the process?

Once the 3D appointment is set up a trained staff member will meet you at the property. He/She will then prep the location for 3D Scanning Prepping Steps..

  • Turn on lights, open doors and close windows.
  • Remove any clutter or unwanted objects from the space “paper towels, pet stuff, dishes, etc.”
  •  Close any doors that will not be mapped “small closets”.
  •  Remove any people or pets from the scan areas.
  • Turn off TV’s and Fans.

How can I share my 3D tours?

Your new tour will be hosted on a secure cloud. You will receive a link and an embedded code with in 24 hours of the render. It is easy to share! Simply copy paste into any website, email, Facebook post, or social media platform.

Can you scan outdoors

Yes we can provide 360 degree shots of your outdoor spaces which are included in the highlight reel.

Do we offer expedited services for those clients on a time crunch?

Yes we do. The expedited services generally start at £75 depending on size and location.

What areas do you service?

We service all Ireland and the UK, however we are happy to travel throughout Europe and even worldwide if the job is sufficiently large enough and economically viable. Some of the locations we have scanned include, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Donegal, Ibiza, Dubai, UAE, we can also partner with other matterport service providers worldwide to bring you the final product no matter how big or small the job is.

Do you offer discounted rates for bulk mapping

Yes, we do the discounted rate can be up to 50% depending on size, number of maps, and property value. Our Estate agent pricing is competitive.

Do you offer drone, photography and video services?

Yes we do! We offer a complete package of drone, video, 3D and HD SLR photography. Our videos are uploaded to YouTube to share and increase your presence! We also offer single page micro website if you don’t want to put your property on the usual property portals and want to target a specific high end audience.

Can my space be viewed in Virtual Reality

Yes, All our models are VR Ready Virtual reality headsets offer the most immersive way to experience the most immersive medium. Headsets – like the Samsung Gear VR, or Google Cardboard – have made VR experiences truly accessible to anyone. ​ Estate agents, retailers, and news organizations are already realizing the potential of VR Spaces to drive sales and engage audiences. Immersive content creators are on the frontier of the VR revolution. Strap in and prepare for take-off.