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Order Phentermine Australia

The Residence, a truly stunning development, has been designed, created and furnished to offer clients a standard to equal the interior of a prestigious home but affording them flexible arrangements to match their personal requirements.

Available to rent – The Residence, Ormeau Road is Belfast’s newest and most exclusive development of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

2 bed apartments from £995. Enquire now to register your interest.

This stunning development is situated in a central and prime location on the bustling much sought after Ormeau Road. Packed with destination eateries, bars and bistros, coffee shops, and artisan food stores, this is the newest must have address in BT7.

Nestled amongst beautiful Belfast red bricks the Residence is only a one minute walk to the open green space of Ormeau Park providing an oasis of woodland, wildlife and sporting facilities with riverside views.

Situated just one mile from the city centre, the Ormeau Road is serviced with excellent bus routes, cycle lanes and delightful walks into the city.

An amazing space to live, relax, or work these beautifully appointed and luxuriously furnished residences are finished to an exceptional specification and standard. Exuding cosmopolitan chic with design led communal areas this development has been created specifically for luxury living and the most discerning resident.

The communal areas are rich, warm and inviting with an opulent palette of golden hues the decorative and stylish joinery detail, marble accents and subtle lighting sets the tone for the residences that await throughout, providing an impressive welcome for any guest.


Order Phentermine Australia


Apartment 48 – The Residence – Belfast


Phentermine 15Mg Buy Online Uk
Phentermine 15Mg Buy Online Uk